Welcome Aboard

Now that you have enrolled into your course with us, the next step is to begin going through the Virtual Classroom for the course you have enrolled in.
Below is a step by step of how to access and use the Virtual Classroom.

Welcome aboard!

Your first step would be to login to your account on our website.

On any page of our site the ``LOGIN`` button is located at the top right. Once clicked, the box to enter your credentials will appear. Use the Username and Password you created earlier during the enrollment process to log in.

*Note* If you did not sign up via the website you will have to create a new account through the “SIGN UP” button to the right. After creating your account please contact support@fx365i.com to get added into the course.
Next, you will be entering the Virtual Classroom from your Profile.

Once logged in, you will be taken to your Student Profile Courses tab. Depending on the course you enrolled into, you will have one or several options of courses to start. When you are ready to begin going through the course content, click the ``Start Course`` button as shown highlighted in blue.

If you do not not see your courses, verify that you are on the “Courses” tab as highlighted in blue to the left. If you still do not see your course please contact support@fx365i.com
Going through the Virtual Classroom.
Once you are in the Virtual Classroom, read all of the material and watch each video all the way through. Once you have finished, scroll down the page and click “MARK THIS UNIT COMPLETE”. Allow it to load until a check mark appears, then click “NEXT UNIT” to move on.

Lets get started!

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